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Aromatherapy is not and should not be limited to just ‘smelling good’. It has a host of benefits that have been lost in translation over time. OYL’E aims to bring to surface the therapeutic and uplifting benefits of this therapy which is much needed in our daily lives.

OYL’E Jewellery allows the wearer to benefit from aromatherapy on the go, without compromising on luxury, quality or style.

“ Ever since the arrival of my two young children, I have become inspired by the use of chemical-free, non synthetic and eco-friendly living. This led to the successful, and now much loved implementation of essential oils at home. From everyday minor falls and bumps and allergies, to hectic parent life, essential oils provide the therapy and health benefits we so desperately need in urban designed living. 

After furthering my education in essential oils, I wanted to find a way to utilise them quickly and easily on a day to day basis, without compromising on style. I created OYL’E, as a vessel to highlight the importance of holistic living and focused on creating something unique, effective and high quality, to be combined with only the best quality pure essential oils . I hope that each and every person wearing OYL’E jewellery can resonate.” - Founder and Director of OYL’E London.