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what is included with my oyl’e jewellery?

Your purchased item of jewellery, two wool beads, one velvet jewellery pouch and a ribboned presentation box.

Will OYL’e expand it’s essential oil range?

Yes! Did you know, there are over 90 essential oils commonly used? Although we aim to not overly indulge you.

We will however choose appropriate blends and oils for the relevant seasons. Ensuring we source ethically to avoid modern cultivation methods which endanger species. If you wish to be notified of our new additions, please register your interest through our main web page.


Not all Essential oils can stick around. Bearing this mind, depending on type of oil, some will last longer than others. Citrus type oils lose their aroma much quicker than oils like Myrrh and Frankincense. More dense blends can last throughout the day due to mix of top note oils and base note oils. Do not be put off using essential oils for this reason. Remember commercial perfumes are loaded with alcohol and synthetic musks to increase shelf life. Essential oils are however natural and do not cause adverse effects if used correctly.

We have chosen to use a wool bead to ensure your oil scent lasts for an extended period of time, ranging from couple of hours to a day or two.

Please read the safety guidelines on diffusing topically.

Can I wear my



diffusing oils?

Yes, Yes & Yes.

We absolutely recommend taking a break and only diffusing topically.

Continuous use of pure oils can cause sensitisation and undesirable flareups.

Less is more. Enjoy wearing your jewellery without the oils. After all OYL’E jewellery was also designed to look awesome


A carrier is a base oil. They are used to dilute pure essential oils before they are applied to the skin. This is a common and important safety practice.

can i use my own oil with OYL’E jewellery?

Yes. Absolutely.

If you are an essential oils enthusiast or aromatherapist and have clear understanding of pure essential oils vs synthetic. Then go ahead and mix it up.

If you are new to the diffusing, we recommend choosing OYL’E products.

Until you learn the art of deciphering the good oil vs not so good oil, stick to our Essential OYL’S collection for now.

To learn more join our like minded friends over on our Facebook group.

how long does

delivery take?

Please click here to see info on shipping + returns.




Purchase your vouchers via our website. You will be sent an email including a voucher certificate to print. Alternatively we can email it directly to the lucky recipient if you wish.

I’m not sure



If you are unsure about aromatherapy, wether it is right for you or you need more help understanding diffusing essential oils. Please do not hesitate to get in touch with us at We will try our best to help with your queries.

We always recommend you speak to a registered professional. This may be your GP or you can find a registered aromatherapist on the Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council (CNHC) website – the UK voluntary regulator for complementary healthcare. Aromatherapists on this register have demonstrated that they meet UK standards and abide by the CNHC’s code of conduct, ethics and performance.

Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council (CNHC) :

International Federation of Aromatherapists (IFA):

For more information about using essential oils safely, please visit our group on Facebook, a helpful community of OYL’E members sharing their tips and uses, with access to additional helpful guidelines on diffusing safely with OYL’E Jewellery.