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Aromatherapy is not and should not be limited to just ‘smelling good’. It has a host of benefits that have been lost in translation over time. OYL’E aims to bring to surface the therapeutic and uplifting benefits of this therapy which is much needed in our daily lives.

OYL’E Jewellery allows the wearer to benefit from aromatherapy on the go, without compromising on luxury, quality or style.

“ Ever since the arrival of my two young children, I have become inspired by the use of chemical-free, non synthetic and eco-friendly living. This led to the successful, and now much loved implementation of essential oils at home. From everyday minor falls and bumps and allergies, to hectic parent life, essential oils provide the therapy and health benefits we so desperately need in urban designed living.

After furthering my education in essential oils, I wanted to find a way to utilise them quickly and easily on a day to day basis, without compromising on style. I created OYL’E, as a vessel to highlight the importance of holistic living and focused on creating something unique, effective and high quality, to be combined with only the best quality pure essential oils . I hope that each and every person wearing OYL’E jewellery can resonate.” - Founder and Director of OYL’E London.


OYL’E jewellery is 925 Sterling Silver and Rhodium plated to ensure durability. Our current options come in Silver or Rose Gold. 

The OYL’E pendant holds one 100% pure wool bead, to be infused with your chosen oil or blend. The organic wool beads have been chosen for their ability to hold your choice of blend of oil for an extended period of time. The beads are both washable and durable.

OYL’E Pendants are a charm to wear, secretly guarding your favourite essential oils, for personal diffusing only. We recommend diffusing occasionally avoiding continuous use, but of course OYL’E diffuser necklace and bracelet can also be worn without diffusing. Shop Jewellery collection here.


The OYL’E pendant was designed with function at its core by our very own in-house creative team, in London.

Our jewellery is 925 Sterling Silver and Rhodium plated allowing durability. The OYL’E pendant is designed to open with ease, but not accidentally, and holds our bespoke 100% pure wool bead perfectly. The vents that make up the pendant are constructed specifically to slowly diffuse your chosen essential oil & aroma throughout the day. Our chains are adjustable, allowing them to be worn quickly and easily.

The OYL’E pendant represents our world. “Through self care, love, and the support of our strong links, using natures gifts, we can diffuse and let go of the chaos through the vents. Expelling negative energy, allowing the light and a better, happier version of us to shine through.”


Did you know ‘fragrance’ oils are not the same as essential oils? OYL’E essential oils are 100% pure & non adulterated, allowing you to benefit from the true attributes of your chosen oil, these being anything from healing properties to energy boosts, or simply beautiful pure scents. Some of our oils are locally sourced, but to keep in true essence of the essential oil, many can be linked back to their originating climates.

We recommend using 1-2 drops of your chosen pure essential oil or blend directly on the wool felt bead.

Should you wish to apply your pure essential oil directly onto the skin, please ensure it is diluted with a carrier oil, such as coconut, almond, castor or jojoba. For every drop of pure essential oil, dilute with half a teaspoon of carrier oil.

Live well,


Our team at OYL’E really care about your wellbeing and want you to utilise your jewellery and oils in the best manner.

  • We have a closed and responsive Facebook support group, allowing a serious platform to discuss the benefits of aromatherapy in more depth, get exclusive tips and connect with like-minded members.

  • Our team is educated in the use of essential oils and can help you find what’s suited to you.

  • The safe use of essential oils is really important to us. Please click here to read how to use essential oils safely before using any new products

OYL’E is committed to continuing to create luxury and innovative products to allow the safe use of essential oils,


At OYL’E we are fully conscious and aware of the turmoil that our planet is facing. We try to be as environmentally responsible and respectful to all living things as we can. Our oils are 100% pure, never tested on animals and are not diluted with other carrier oils or synthetics. Our organic cotton beads are not processed with chemicals. Where necessary, to protect your parcel and glass oil bottles, we will use biodegradable bubble wrap. Our products and packaging materials are 98% recyclable.

Code of Ethics

We are pleased and proud to confirm that we are a member of, and certified by, the International Alliance of Holistic Therapists (IAHT). The IAHT code of ethics clearly define the high standards expected of its’ members. To read these and to learn more, please visit




OYL’E offer an affiliate influencer programme and trade option. Please email us at Alternatively you can DM us on Instagram or via Facebook.



Click here to view our welcome book with an easy guide on how to use and care for your OYL’E jewellery or visit our youtube for videos.


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