Dusk Essential Oil Blend - Sleep Well

Dusk Essential Oil Blend - best essential oil for sleep

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The relaxing, calming night blend, has soothing properties of Lavandin, Valerian Root and Chamomile Roman. Use this an hour before bed for a restful night’s sleep. Dilute with a carrier oil for massage, add few drops to enjoy in your bath or add to your plug-in oil diffuser.

Ingredients: Lavandula hybrida grosso herb oil, Valeriana rhizome & Anthemis nobilis flower oil. | 5ml | 

Dusk Essential Oil Blend - Sleep Well | 100% pure & natural essential oil. | | Please use 1-2 drops in your diffuser or if applying directly to the skin, dilute with a carrier oil. Mix with our Jojoba or Coconut OYL

Note: Always consult a qualified aromatherapist, if you are unsure about which application method to use with essential oils.

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