OYL’E is designed to bridge the gap between essential oil use/diffusing and luxury jewellery. Our mission is to carry the concept of essential oil diffusing jewellery into the mainstream, where there is a shortage of knowledge and luxury products of this nature. We wish to eradicate uncertainty and the idea that you have to be a “hippie” to use such methods, and create a real awareness of the huge benefits essential oils can have on our lives. Our audience and customers are very much interested in an organic and healthy lifestyle, but not limited to; we would love people of all interests and practices to recognise the benefits of diffusing essential oils whilst wearing our unique and high quality jewellery. Our market has a keen eye for style and enjoys high quality and luxury products, or may simply be unique jewellery enthusiasts.

If you are a social media wellness advocate, in-style influencer or already sell or promote the use of essential oils, then OYL’E is a perfect fit for you and your audience.

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If you are interested in becoming an OYL’E affiliate, whether it be for our essential oils, our jewellery collection, or both, please email us at or DM us via Instagram or Facebook for a chat. Don’t forget to include the details of your social media page(s) or website.


For trade options and wholesale enquires please email us on