sleep well

Sleep Well

How to Sleep Well


Why is ’good’ sleep so Important?

Sleeps plays a vital role in your overall well-being and good health. Sleeping at the right time, length and quality can affect the brain function and physical wellbeing.

When asleep your body is in repair mode, improving, getting your cognitive functions, energy, coordination and immunity back to optimum levels.


How to sleep better at night naturally


How you spend your day will affect how you naturally dose off at night.  There are a few things you can do during the day to help prep you for bedtime.


  • Spending more time ‘outside’ in the fresh air of green spaces
  • Being active. Just 15 minutes of physical exercise can make a huge difference
  • Reducing stress through therapy or meditation
  • Going to bed at the same time as well as waking up at the same time (routine*)

*Did you know it takes 21 takes to create a habit


How to sleep better with anxiety

Therapy and exercise are two catalysts in helping overcome moments of anxiety, anxiousness and distress. You can;


Do Some;

  • Meditation
  • Light Yoga stretches
  • Drinking herbal calming teas or sleep milk (turmeric milk) before bedtime

Don’t engage in these before bedtime;

  • Stressful activities
  • Checking social media
  • Using electric devices
  • Reading or watching content that aid in further mental disturbance


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