How aromatherapy jewellery works



The use of aromatherapy oils has proven improvement in many conditions such as fatigue, low mood, digestive upset, emotional stress or anxiety, brain fog, sleep deprivation or disturbance, cognitive behaviour, insomnia and more.

Whatever the underlying issue, be sure that essential oils can combat the above. 

Our OYL’S are versatile and can also be used on the skin when diluted (for massage) or diffused in the home via electric water diffuser.




OYL’E Essential Blends have been carefully selected to promote the feeling of wellness at different times of the day. Our Risè blend can help energise you at the start of your busy day. The Mood blend is curated as a pick me up at times when fatigue or anxiety may be experienced. Our Hush blend is to help you relax and unwind when stress levels peak. We have chosen Dusk to help induce deep sleep, best used half-hour before bedtime. Rosà is our sensual blend and a natural perfume alternative. As all our blends are versatile they can be used in water-based mist diffusers and applied to the skin when mixed with a carrier oil.

We have included an all-time classic Lavender Oil, enjoyed by many for relaxation, floral aromas but also commonly used for anxiety, insomnia, headaches and pain. Likewise, Peppermint Oil is as versatile, it can aid in allergy symptoms, boost energy levels, it is cooling, refreshing, antimicrobial, antiviral and has pain-reducing effects. If you have any questions regarding our blends please message us and our team will be able to help. There is a dedicated Blog on our site and you can also join our Using Essential Oils With OYL’E Jewellery Support Group






OYL’E jewellery will compliment any outfit whilst being functional and stylish. Discreetly diffusing your favourite therapy oil. 


Step out and start your day wearing our statement jewellery pieces, of impeccable quality with pure therapeutic essential oil blends. OYL’E takes pride in only offering the very best in quality. We have taken no short cuts, ensuring each piece pleases the eye and every scent the soul. 

We have combined the benefit of a spa, perfume, personalised gift, so what better way to treat your nearest and dearest than with a beautifully scented piece of jewellery? Our necklaces and bracelets come in a beautiful presentation box, ribbon tied. You can choose to send the gift directly to the recipient or gift them a voucher, so they can choose at their leisure. 

If you are unsure about which oils can be of benefit, please get in touch with our team or join our closed Facebook Support group to learn more.


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