Most frequently asked questions
1. What is aromatherapy jewellery?
Jewellery which encapsulates or absorbs essential oils, using materials such as lava beads, clay, felt or wool. We opted for pure wool and have vegan options available. In a bead shape, that holds on to a drop of any fragrance oil.
2. Will the oil leak from the pendant and stain my clothes? 
This is a very common query, understandably. The oil is absorbed by the wool bead, therefore no essential oil should come into contact with skin or clothing. Here is a short video as a guide to safely infusing the bead. 
3. Are your oils safe to use around pets, children and during pregnancy?
Essential oils are in many of our everyday products. They are generally safe and supportive. Our blends are designed with safe use in mind.

As we use them in jewellery, the blends are not diluted, so do not apply to skin without a carrier oil.

Incase of pregnancy, use around pets and children, please read the following safety guide:
4. What are your product sizing and materials?
Our LUXE range base metal is 925 Sterling Silver with plating options of Rose Gold, 14k or 18k Gold.

Midi necklace - 15mm Pendant with 27" max length chain
Mini necklace - 10mm pendant, length 18" + 5cm adjuster
Bracelets - 10mm pendant, 17cm with the adjuster

Essential oils - 5ml or 2ml in the Sample Discovery Set
Beads - 100% wool(felt for mini pendant)
5. I suffer from headaches, insomnia, low mood and take medication, which oil should I use?
We do not offer advice or give recommendations based on your medical history. Please always seek guidance from your GP (UK), doctor, consultant or a clinical certified aromatherapist. 
If you would like to ask a question not listed here, please hit 'Chat' and I will get back to you as soon as I can. Thank you. :)